Aim: Support the development of Tech-enabled innovations and entrepreneurship Initiatives of University students into impactful businesses and solutions.

Target: Uganda, Makerere University and other Universities

Sectors/Fields: Agriculture, Health, Education, Commerce, Energy, Environment, IT, Entertainment FinTech, Construction, Art & Design, Tourism, Mobility, Supply Chains etc

Timeline: Applications are received on a rolling basis.

Location: Makerere University, Makerere Innovation and Incubation Centre (MIIC).

Student Startup Labs

Student Startup Labs is a Graduate Innovation Program for University alumni and students who have ideas, innovations and projects that can be transformed into businesses and solutions in any sector.

Th is is aimed at breeding the next generation of entreprenuers and innovators to solve emerging social and economic challenges.

The lab focuses on open innovation supporting ideas/innovations from a wide range of sectors and fields like Agriculture, Health, Education, Commerce, Energy Fintech, IT, Software Services, Hardware, IOT, BlockChain etc

  • ● Should be Alumni or Under-graduates or Faculty member of Makerere Univeristy or any University.
  • ● Have an idea or proof of concept or Minimum Viable Product(MVP).
  • ● Willing to commit/attend all program sessions without fail.

  • ● Access to group collaboration/working spaces and facilities.
  • ● Access product development experts.
  • ● Business Development Support e.g Legal, IP, Market etc.
  • ● Networking with other entreprenuers.
  • ● Access to funding and Investors.

Hackathons, Workshops, Field Market Research, Demo Days and Investment pitches.